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“This world is full of possibility”. My perception was totally changed after wandering in Europe a few years ago. To leave images through my lens, I find them filled with memories in special temperature. And memories just help us trace back the initial feeling in every single matter. The feeling immersed in images, thereafter, refresh our lives in warmest experience. Let me take the honour to capture your previous moments and keep the temperature in your memory box in lifetime.

一場歐洲的流浪之旅改變了我的看法,世界是可以有很多可能性。 透過鏡頭留下影象,影象是有溫度的記憶,記憶讓你在生活中的萬千事件裡找回當初的感覺,感覺融入影象讓每一次觀看成了窩心的經歷。 照片展示當刻的溫度,那讓你回味的在乎。

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【極簡主義的輕婚照】Marisa – Portrait

“Simplicity is never a matter of circumstances. Simplicity is always a matter of focus.”
攝影師與Marisa 到了一處古典優雅的西式建築拍攝一輯輕婚照。柔和的光線配合JE bridal atelier 簡約利落的輕婚紗,遊走於白色為主調的線條之間,感覺清新舒服。室內拍攝部分,挑選了粉藍色的背景紙,加上化妝師Jennifer 歐美的妝容,L’atelier de bon 獨特設計的珍珠耳環,彷佛是一幅幅訴說簡約之美的畫作。

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Photographer: Tomek Cheung / Makeup & hairstyling: Beloved by Jen / Wedding gown: JE bridal Atelier / Accessory: L’atelier de bon / Florist: Honeywood flowerlabs / Muse: Marisa /

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