【The True Self of a calligrapher X a lawyer】 Stephanie – Inspiration

Featuring the soul girl behind Whale Whispers, Stephanie is not only a passionate calligrapher but a professional barrister in the daytime.

Tomek’s Team:
“We always want to curate a styled shoot with a well-defined theme showing something genuine that’s closely related to the true identity & sensation of the character instead of just creating beautiful pictures. I think the two contrary roles do balance or even complete the life of Stephanie. She shows her sensitivity & instinct whilst dropping the ink on paper but on the contrary rational sense & commitment whenever presented as a lawyer. A very interesting & inspirational shoot indeed.”


“My friends always asked how I manage my twin identity hopping between a barrister and a calligrapher.

They are two very different faces, and a manifestation that a girl can be gentle and yet fierce, fragile and yet fearless.

As a calligrapher, I have always yearned for something personal, delicate, sensitive. Modern calligraphy is inherently something very personal and subjective. Every single stroke is different, and is a result of the mixture of everything surrounding the calligrapher, the timing, the atmosphere, the emotions, the moisture in the air. And it is the uncertainty that brings out the unique outcome that makes the whole process so intriguing. There is no correct definition of “beauty”, and I am in constant search of my own way of beautiful.

As a lawyer, I have to be daring, tough, and confident. In most situations there is a correct analysis, but advocacy is not pure science. It is an art of persuasion, and through the right amount of emotions, dedication, and commitment, you demonstrate why what you say ought to be the outcome.

I am so happy to be part of this shoot where I can feel at ease to be myself, from planning to execution. All parties involved strive to come up with something that matches the overall theme and vibe, and everyone is so detail-oriented that the slightest detail is taken care of. It is a shoot which brings out how versatile the photographer, makeup artist, planner, florist, and accessory designer can be. And the most precious thing is that it is a true and genuine collaboration – ideas bounced, sparks fly.”

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Photographer: Tomek Cheung / Makeup & hairstyling: Karen liu makeup / Wedding gown: Alisha & Lace Hong Kong / Florist: Naomi’s inflorescence / Accessory: Untitled Studio / Natural hand-dyed ribbon: the Muk mun / Planning & styling: Counterclockwise /

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